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Since the last century, television has become very tightly integrated into the lives of all people on our planet. Today it is very difficult to imagine a house without a TV. But this kind of connection, and friends, it is a kind of connection, does not stand still and is constantly evolving. Why I started talking about communication, because television is originally a telecommunication technology used to transmit a moving image. At first it was an image without sound and only later it was "screwed" sound.

Since the second half of the twentieth century, television has slowly but surely supplanted traditional media such as Newspapers and radio. In addition, television is not only a good way to convey to the public the usual news information, it is also a great way to provide people with a variety of entertainment. For example, the screen version of our favorite books became available right at home, without the need to go to the cinema. Although, cinemas have their own magic, and any movie there looks completely different, yet there is not always time to go somewhere and watch something. And at home, sitting in a comfortable chair with your favorite Cup of tea, watch a good movie is a real pleasure.
In addition, television is a good advertising platform, which gives the opportunity to increase sales of various goods to sellers and find interesting products to buyers.

With the advent of the Internet television has changed significantly, but is not going to retire. The television industry is actively developing, finding new formats and technologies for delivering media information to the population. One of the innovations in television is the technology of IPTV or television over the Internet Protocol (Interactive television).

What is IPTV?

Literally IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television (Internet television Protocol), i.e. — television transmitted through the Internet.

The main advantage of IPTV over traditional television is its interactivity. For example, it is possible to select a list of channels that we want to watch constantly, select audio and video tracks when a multi-language stream with different quality of the video is broadcast on one channel. Also, in most cases, along with the TV channel itself, the viewer is supplied with a TV program. And besides, IPTV can be watched not only on the TV receiver, but almost anything that can connect to the Internet, from Smart TV to your favorite smartphone.

To be able to watch IPTV, obviously need the Internet. From the bandwidth (speed) of the Internet channel very much depends on the quality of the broadcast "pictures". The Internet will also need an m3u playlist with a list of channels that you will view.

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